Electronic FootFile CR-700B Pedicure Electric Callus Remover Review

Electronic FootFile CR-700B Pedicure Electric Callus Remover review

If you ever wished of having soft and sexy feet skin, it can become a reality with the Electronic FootFile CR-700B Pedicure Electric Callus Remover. This tool can remove your unwanted and dead skin within seconds. When you buy the CR-700B callus remover, this is what you should do…

When that brown box from Amazon arrives at your destination, open it and take out the beautiful Electronic FootFile and admire it for some time. You have in your arms a powerful and effective machine that has undergone rigorous testing to bring you the best and quality callus remover ever.

With rollers that spin for more than 50 times in a second, this electronic callus remover is by far the best and strongest callus remover on the market today. If other callus removers that you had been not delivering as you thought, then the CR-700B is the callus remover that you need. 

Notable features of the Electronic FootFile CR-700B Pedicure Electric Callus Remover

  • Water resistant.

Whether you are using this tool on a wet or dry skin, it will still deliver quality results. You can submerge it wholly in water when cleaning it.

  • It’s portable.

The unit is light and has been made of a portable nature, and thus you can take it anywhere you want to go.

  • Most powerful and rechargeable as well.

It has been designed to handle even the toughest and most stubborn calluses. 

  • It comes with two additional roller heads that are coarse to enable it last longer than other units of its class.
  • It is economical because of its rechargeable battery, extra roller heads and also saves on pedicure cost. It is perfect for commercial use.
  • It’s beautiful and sleek nature makes I an excellent item for gift giving.

Now open your gorgeous box and turn on your machine and maneuver it over your callus or the affected area. Imagine all the toughest calluses and hardened skin being removed within seconds with just an insignificant effort. Imagine the money you will have saved as compared to going to a salon to get those services. The benefits are uncountable. Bloggers and marketers are raving about the excellent CR-700B. You really have to give this product a try.

Try it for four weeks and you’ll surely see the changes. Use it once every week to remove the unwanted skin and dirty calluses on your feet. It comes with a full money back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if you find it not worth every penny you had invested in it. No question asked when refunding the money!

Electronic FootFile CR-700B Pedicure Electric Callus Remover Details

  • Extremely powerful.

It has 10,000 RPM motor, and its coarse head has rollers that can spin more than 50 times a second. This makes it the strongest and most powerful electronic callus remover on the market today. If you are tired of other units that never guarantees you enough power, then the CR-700B is for you.

  • Rechargeable.

This unit doesn’t require you to change its batteries now and then. It has rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter that enables you to recharge it. This makes this unit very economical. If you prefer one with non-rechargeable batteries, please purchase the CR-500 model.

  • Premium features.

It has been engineered with enough power to handle even the hardest of the calluses. Its body has been made with ABS materials making it very durable and strong. It is the best alternative that can give optimal results like a professional pedicure.

  • Safe.

The product has been manufactured in Germany and has passed both the safety standards in that country and worldwide as well. It has been approved to be safe for consumer use. It is by far more effective and safer than pumice stones that call for constant scrubbing and scrappers that use a sharp blade to remove calluses. It offers a perfect solution for women and men that have been struggling with calluses. 

  • Lifetime guarantee.

This machine comes with a full money back guarantee and thus you don’t have to worry because you will get your money back if the product fails to appeal to you.


You might not believe that this machine can generate enough power to help one stay away from callused feet. It has powerful rollers that can spin for incredible 50 times per second. It has been widely accepted and recommended by consumers who have purchased and use this product. Purchase it today and be the next person to declare its great service. Besides, you can feel confident given the fact that it has been constructed with high-quality elements and materials.

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