[TOP 5 ] Best Arthritis Creams – (Guide & Reviews 2020)

What Are The Best Arthritis Creams

Are you one of the thousands of people living with chronic arthritis pain? Is your arthritis acting up despite using hot and cold therapy? Do you find that your current treatment method is no longer effective?  Are you tired of painful joints? If any of this sounds like something you are dealing with you need to consider using the best arthritis cream. Using the best arthritis cream is just a small part of your therapy, but it is an important part. Keep on reading to find out more about the best arthritis cream for your needs.



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Why use arthritis cream

As we just mentioned arthritis cream makes a great addition to your current arthritis therapy plan. One of the worst things about dealing with arthritis is how big of a role the joint pain plays in your daily routine. When dealing with arthritis on a daily basis it can severely limit what you can do. The pain in your joints can often be enough to prevent you from taking part in the activities you love and enjoy.

Using arthritis cream as a part of your therapy can provide you with fast and effective relief in the areas that hurt most. Most arthritis creams are designed to offer short-term relief, but some have been shown to work long-term. Many arthritis sufferers report that arthritis cream is especially beneficial for the hands due to the pain and stiffness in several joints at once.

How to choose arthritis cream

If you have ever walked into a drugstore or even performed an online search for arthritis cream you are already well aware of how many choices there are. With the sheer number of choices available how do you know that you are choosing the best one for your needs.

Unfortunately choosing the best arthritis cream is not as simple as it might seem, you cannot just walk into a store or go to a website and grab the first one you see. Well you can do it that way, but that doesn’t mean you will be selecting the best one for your needs. Different topical creams will work differently and some are better suited for different types of arthritis. One way to choose the best arthritis cream is to talk to your doctor as soon as they have diagnosed you.

If you haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor or perhaps your current cream is no longer as effective as it was there are some things you can look for to choose the best arthritis cream. One of the things you need to look at when selecting from the various arthritis creams is their ingredients. The point behind all arthritis cream is to relieve pain and reduce swelling in joints. The main ingredient in the arthritis cream varies as each works differently.

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  • Counterirritants.

One of the most commonly used ingredients inside arthritis creams are something called counterirritants. This includes things like cinnamon oil, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, or capsaicin. The main job of the counterirritants is to relieve arthritis pain by heating or cooling the skin. These counterirritants work by distracting or tricking the brain. By heating or cooling the skin your brain shifts its focus away from the pain to provide your swollen joints with much needed relief.

  • NSAIDs.

Arthritis creams that contain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can sometimes be found over the counter in the US. For the most part thee creams will have to be prescribed for you through a doctor. Creams that contain NSAIDs, including ibuprofen or naproxen, work to reduce the swelling in the joints. Creams containing these ingredients are applied topically and are less damaging than taking the same medication orally.

  • Salicylates.

Another popular and effective ingredient found in the best arthritis creams are salicylates. For those who are unfamiliar with this ingredient it is very similar to aspirin, so if using these creams you will want to avoid using products that contain aspirin. Like creams that contain NSAIDs as a main ingredient, creams that use salicylates allows users to reap the benefits of aspirin without dealing with the side effects from ingesting the aspirin orally.

  • Cortisone.

Steroids are an effective way to combat inflammation due to arthritis. Cortisone is a steroid that can be found in different arthritis creams and is used to reduce pain and swelling. Since it is a steroid, cortisone works in the same manner as oral steroids, but in creams it is applied topically.

  • Herbal based creams.

Not everybody wants to use creams that contain chemical medications because of the side effects involved. Some chemicals have more damaging side effects than others, so always read the labels before using. Herbal based creams use natural ingredients that are not known for their side effects.

These ingredients are also easier on the skin, so less of a risk of irritation. One of the most popular herbs used in herbal based arthritis cream is arnica as it has been used for years to reduce arthritis pain.

Top 5 of Arthritis Creams.

We listed 5 products at the beginning of this review article, so let’s take a few minutes to go through each of them for an evaluation that can hopefully help you make up your own mind.




Biofreeze does not contain any NSAID pain relievers and is also steroid free. The main ingredient found in Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel is menthol at 4%. The menthol acts as a cooling pain relief and has been shown to be fast-acting. Biofreeze also contains an herbal blend of USP-grade herbal ingredients including arnica, camphor, vitamin E, and several others. 

According to the manufacturers of Biofreeze the topical analgesic provides the best results when used in combination with a recommended healthcare professional. The cream is used by numerous professionals from the healthcare field to provide almost immediate relief from a variety of conditions, including arthritis.

Biofreeze comes in a gel style formula that features a small hint of color. The color is used to help you see the cream as it is being applied to your skin allowing for a through and proper application. You can also find a dye-free version of Biofreeze that works just as well. The paraben and propylene-glycol free product is greaseless and offers a vanishing scent so it can be used on the go. 

The product is very well suited for a massage style application for those areas that do better with a hands-on approach.




If you are looking for a safe alternative to oral pain relievers Topricin is one of the safest choices available. The cream is so safe it can be used by everyone in the family, including those with sensitive skin or health conditions such as diabetes. Topricin works with your body’s natural desire to heal itself using a unique formula.

Topricin is made up of 11 natural biomedicines that are designed to deliver reliable pain relief without any harmful side effects. These natural biomedicines are also safe to use with other prescribed and over the counter medications.

The moisturizing formula of Topricin is a non-irritating, odorless cream that is also non-staining and has been made in the USA for over 22 years. The effective pain relieving cream can be applied up to 4 times a day. To apply the cream massage into the affected area plus the surrounding three inches until fully absorbed. For best results always apply in the morning and then again before bedtime. 




Arnicare Cream is one of the best creams to use to fell better faster when you are dealing with painful and swollen joints due to arthritis. The cream doesn’t use any NSAID pain relievers and is steroid free. Rather than using medications, including camphor and methyl salicylate, Arnicare uses Arnica Montana at HPUS 7%.

This natural ingredient works naturally with your body to reduce swelling and relieve pain. As it is a natural ingredient the risk of side effects are very low if you use it as directed. With Arnicare there is absolutely no risk of drug interactions, contraindications or chemical overdose because it contains only natural ingredients.

Boiron’s Arnicare, like many other Boiron products, is paraben free, but it is also free of any fragrances and dyes making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Using Boiron’s Arnicare cream requires you to apply a thin layer to the problem area. Gently massage the cream into your skin until fully absorbed. The cream can be applied 3 times a day, but can also be applied more if needed.




Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief uses capsaicin at 0.0035% as its main active ingredient. Capsaicin is a topical analgesic used to provide short-term pain relief. One of the ways that Castiva stands out from other arthritis creams is it pairs its main ingredient capsaicin with castor oil for even better results.

Pairing the capsaicin with the finest castor oil the capsaicin is able to deeply penetrate the body to get to the source of the problem. The cream doesn’t just stay on top of the skin to provide relief; it gets down deep into the skin to immediately go to work.

Castiva is supposed to be applied to the affected area up to four times a day. To apply the cream simply massage into the affected area until fully absorbed. Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief should only be used on adults or children over the age of 12; it is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

For the best results you will want to apply daily. Transient burning may occur with this product. Always wash hands after use. If you are apply the cream to your hands wait 30 minutes before washing your hands for the best results.




Australian Dream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream is the ideal choice for those seeking relief from their painful arthritis without the burning sensation other creams provide. With the Australian Dream Cream users will find the main active ingredient is histamine Dihydrochloride at 0.025%.

This topical analgesic works by increasing the blood flow to the area, which is how your body naturally works to relieve pain. With Australian Dream Cream there is no odor or greasy residue left behind so it can be used even when you are on the go.

Australian Cream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream can be used by adults and children over the age of 12. Children younger than 12 years of age should not use the product without first consulting with their doctor.

The cream should be applied in a thin layer to the affected area. The cream needs to be massaged into the affected area until fully absorbed. Do not apply the cream more than four times a day.

Conclusion and Recommendation.

The best arthritis creams have been shown to be quite effective in providing short-term relief in swollen and painful joints. If you are tired of dealing with painful or swollen joints it is time to start using one of the best arthritis creams as part of your ongoing arthritis therapy.

Not all arthritis creams are created the same, so the end results are never the same. In addition to the main ingredients you also want to think about how messy they are to use, how greasy they will be on your skin, and how strong of an odor they emit.

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