Ckeyin Powerful Rechargeable Electric Washable Foot Spa Smoother Review

Ckeyin ® Powerful Rechargeable Electric Washable Foot Spa Smoother Review

Need a new blister and callus remover? Ckeyin ® Powerful Rechargeable Electric Washable Foot Spa Smoother is synonymous with ease of usage and has received stellar reviews on Amazon and other online stores. It comes with a roller head that rotates 360 degrees and 40 times per second. This ensures optimal performance for easy buffing and removing of jagged and hard calluses on the heels. This unique callus remover not only removes blisters and calluses, but it also helps to smoothen and clean your skin. 

If you’re tired of removing calluses in a manual way using a pumice stone and file-conventional strategies, then, this device will truly meet your needs within budget and time. It has been made using micro mineral properties to secure optimal performance and to help you remove calluses within seconds. This gives room for a new skin to grow so that the beautiful and healthier epidermis can be seen once again.

Ckeyin ® Powerful Rechargeable Electric Washable Foot Spa Smoother is safer than traditional metal scrappers that utilize sharp blades to remove the calluses. Within just a few seconds and a little effort, you can remove calluses and save yourself the hustle of rubbing and buffing. This unit is operated using a rechargeable battery that stores power for a considerable amount of time. The battery can be recharged more than 1000 times in its lifetime. It operates cordlessly as the battery is its power source. This makes it more portable, and you can bring it with you when you have a drip somewhere. More so, this product is soft to use and is also quite effective.

About the Ckeyin ® Powerful Rechargeable Electric

  • It has a unique roller head that spins 360 degrees at an amazing speed averaging 40 times a second.

This gives you optimal experience to effectively and gently buff away the jagged and hardened skin on the soles of the heels. The spinning rollers easily buff away callused and rough skin on feet.

  • It is engineered with a more powerful motor and also has a better ergonomic design.

It has a rechargeable battery that can hold a charge for a significant amount of time. It is green for environment protection. It is electrically operated with an International Travel Power Cord ranging from 110V and 120V. 

  • It is 100% waterproof

Ckeyin ® Powerful Rechargeable Electric Washable Foot Spa Smoother can be used both in wet and dry conditions as the whole remover is waterproof, including device body meaning that you can wash this unit directly under water. This makes it easy to clean and rinse.

  • This amazing unit has been endorsed by the medical association and it is also highly recommended by food experts and leading podiatrists.

One size fits them all, and it’s mobile and lightweight. With an improved ergonomic design and a powerful motor, this unit will gently remove all the dead skin and hardened calluses from your heels. It is also the best alternative to other abrasive scrappers and scrubbers that might cause damage to your skin and fail to give you a satisfactory result.

In order to get the best results when using this callus remover, you should soak your feet or the affected area first. After soaking them for about 10 to 15 minutes, dry them well and then apply the eliminator over the affected area or the callus. Depending on the callus severity, it will be eliminated within 3 to 5 minutes. This will require a file to remove gently the calluses and hardened skin from the soles of your feet.

All you then need to do is to eliminate any remnant or excess of the callus, and there, you are done. Once the process has been completed, rinse the affected area with water. Remember to wear the flexible gloves and rinse your hands thoroughly after washing away the calluses.


If you suffer from irritation and constant dry skin, this device will help to replenish skin pores as well. Simply follow the user manual so that you can use it as instructed and you will truly secure clean, smoother, and healthier soles.

Ckeyin ® Powerful Rechargeable Electric Washable Foot Spa Smoother can also be used to the foot where other blisters and calluses may form. Whether for commercial use or personal use, this device will truly give you desired results.

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