Effective Ways on How To Get Rid of Calluses

Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Calluses

How To Get Rid of Calluses? Calluses, also called callosities, are protective layers of dead, compacted skin cells, or patches of skin that have thickened especially on feet or bony areas. At first, the calluses are not painful but if they overgrow and become severe, they become irritating and painful.

How To Get Rid Of Callus

Interestingly enough, getting rid of calluses can actually worsen your overall skin health rather than improve it. This is because; calluses are a natural body defense against friction and pressure that is being subjected to any particular area of the skin. When people notice the buildup of these dead cells they call them calluses yet they maybe blister. It’s advisable that you prevent the occurrence of calluses by taking prevention measures. 

Causes of callus formation

Calluses occur because of several reasons:

  • Pressure applied to the skin over a long time will lead to the formation of calluses.

It is simply a body natural defense mechanism that your body builds to prevent lacerations in the areas of the body that are subjected to pressure, wear, and tear. Without the calluses, your skin would get an infection that may be caused by dirt being packed into your bleeding, swollen tissues.

  • Calluses may also be caused by unnatural things such as poor posture, bone structure, a bad pair of shoes or heredity factors. 

They can get extreme and painful if you fail to take caution and measures to get rid of them. That’s why this article will talk about prevention measures as well as removal and treatment of calluses.

Prevention measures to take so as to avoid calluses from forming or getting severe.

  • Wear fitting shoes:

Wearing well-adjusted and comfortable footwear is the best way to get rid of calluses. People who wear boots and shoes that are uncomfortable or shoes that exert too much pressure on feet are more likely to develop calluses.

This mostly happens to women who wear high-heeled shoes and boot that are tight-fitting on the regular basis. Also, men who wear tight shoes for long periods are at a risk of developing calluses on feet. The best way to avoid calluses is by wearing well- fitting and comfortable shoes.

  • Wearing protective padding and gloves:

to prevent calluses if you are working on your hands or knees is another way of preventing calluses that form on hands. Wearing protective gloves and padding will help reduce the chances of developing unsightly calluses. For those who paint on the floor, it’s important to wear protective gloves on hands and protective paddings on knees.

  • Using moisturizers:

using moisturizers will help prevent and get rid of calluses. For women, they can use fairly common moisturizers while men can use less scented moisturizers. If you use moisturizers on a regular basis, you will begin seeing a slow recession of the number of calluses that you have and a lack of emergence of new calluses.

  • Weakly soaking and scrubbing of legs:

for calluses that have already formed the most common and sound treatment is a weekly soak and scrub. This involves soaking the hands and feet in warm vinegar and water solution for 10-15 minutes and then uses a buffer or pumice stone to scrap away the dead skin cells.

For those people who are diabetic or suffer from circulatory disorders, avoid using vinegar; instead, use plain lukewarm tap water. You ought to be patient and avoid removing too many dead cells at one go.

  • See a physician if your calluses are cracking and bleeds excessively:

You need to tackle that issue medically before you get rid of calluses that keep popping in that same spot.

Best Way To Get Rid of Calluses

  • Salt soak:

When you soak the affected are in warm water, you soften the skin. It really helps in removing calluses from your hands and feet. Warm soapy water all you need, but if you like to accelerate the speed of the process of removing calluses, you may add specialized ingredients, with Epsom salt being an effective ingredient.

  • Use of baking powder:

Baking soda has been traditionally and widely accepted as an effective natural exfoliator. The fine crystals of baking soda soften and slough off the hardened skin and dead cells and make your skin soft. Because the skin is hard and very thick on the callused area, you might need to use baking soda to remove the calluses from your hands and feet.

Just get three tablespoons of baking water and add it to warm water. Soak your feet for close to half an hour. After soaking, pat dry and apply a moisturizer or a remover gel. Repeat this for 2-3 times a week and once the calluses reduce, you can now start soaking once a week.

  • Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is not only soothing and romantic to the nerves, but it can help to get rid of calluses. This is because it makes the pH level of the skin stabilize especially for feet that sweat profusely. Remember that one of the causes of calluses is the sweaty feet. So, if your feet sweat profusely, and this causes calluses, then soak them in chamomile tea for some time.

  • Use of Electric Files and Remover Gels:

There are a lot of specialized electric files and remover gels that are available in the market today. This helps to provide professional service as they have been formulated for the sole purpose of removing calluses. There are lots of reviews of the best electric callus removers and remover gels on the internet today. You can check the one that suits your needs and one that will offer effective services to you.

The best electric remover should be ergonomically shaped for easy handling, should have rechargeable batteries or electric powered, and should have a durable roller head. The remover gels should have ingredients that nourish the skin such as natural vitamins and minerals. They should not have alcohol or synthetic ingredients that may cause side effects.


The best way to get rid of calluses is by using electric callus removers or callus remover gels. Although the home remedies such as the use of chamomile tea and Epsom salt might offer a solution, it may not be effective and might take a long time to remove the calluses. 

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