[TOP 5 ] What Are The Best Foot Creams– (2020 Reviews & Guide)

What Are The Best Foot Creams

What Are The Best Foot Creams? seems the only time we realise we have feet is when they are sore or need attention. It’s not a bad idea to apply foot cream on occasions to let your feet know that you care for them. When we have extreme elements in our surroundings, our foot problems tend to get worse. Some people suffer from occasional dryness and would normally apply a moisturizer, while others need a more serious foot treatment.

There are foot creams available that treat different levels of dryness and repair damaged tissue. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different creams that are available before you buy any type of foot treatment.



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How Do You Choose?

If you checked out foot creams both online and in your local pharmacy you will notice they come in a large variety of qualities. Some are just moisturizers or a form of body lotion perhaps, made to look thicker and to give the appearance of a foot cream. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that these creams may not give the necessary penetration for the treatment of very dry skin. Your feet may have deep cracks in the heel as well. To be able to alleviate foot problems, the more specific the treatment, the more advanced will be the cream.

How Will the Right Cream Help?

You need an entire foot treatment product. Some treatments can be purchased as a stick applicator or an ointment. This is not what you are looking for. What you are looking for is a specific cream that has medical grade ingredients that will repair tissue as well as being an overall benefit to your feet. Makes sense, right?

How can you tell the difference?

The answer is a revitalizing cream that will work on the foot and the heel. You will find that the best products possess the right ingredients and that are able to sensitively treat badly damaged tissue. They will also be able to soothe and relieve pain and have enough moisturizers to stop the skin from drying. That’s what a proper, well manufactured foot treatment cream is supposed to do.

It’s Not All About Price.

If your feet are cracked and dry, it’s not only uncomfortable but if you are wanting to wear open style footwear, then it can look unsightly. While nobody wants to be spending too much of their hard-earned on skin care products, sometimes the extra few dollars might be the difference between fixing the problem or the cheaper cream fails to work.

That doesn’t mean the most expensive is the best. What it does mean is that there is more than likely going to be a difference between the brand you buy at the grocery store compared to the one you buy at a spa or a reputable pharmacist. Overall, we are not talking about spending a small fortune. All the creams for dry feet are very affordable. If the cream contains the right ingredients you’re going to get the desired result.

How to Apply the Cream and Care for your Feet.

Many people these days take the time out to have a pedicure. While the person doing this service for you is more than likely not a Podiatrist, they will know a lot about the health of your feet. As well as trimming your nails they will notice any signs that your feet require a little more attention than just the pedicure.

Cracked and dry feet occur more regularly in diabetics but there is a very good, short video, that shows you how to look after your feet and how to apply cream. The video is relevant to foot care for everybody, not just to diabetics.

It’s important to thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your feet on a daily basis. You can apply moisturizers or cream up to twice a day depending on the severity of the problem. A lotion that is non-greasy, and fast absorbing is best. You can apply the cream to your heels and the sides of your feet. A little lotion around the toes if necessary is okay.

Some things to Look for in Creams.

The best creams for your feet will have the capabilities due to the ingredients to soothe pain and even relax the tension. It goes without saying that it should also have healing benefits. By being able to do this, the skin gets a bit of a break so it can treat the dry skin. Some creams don’t have that therapeutic aspect. Make sure your cream has soothing and cooling aspects. Also check that your cream has an antihistamine, as this helps ease the itching and pain that you get with dry feet and cracked heels.

What Are The Best Foot Creams in 2020.

We listed 5 products at the beginning of this review article, so let’s take a few minutes to go through each of them for an evaluation that can hopefully help you make up your own mind.

The CeraVe brand advertises that it provides a patented and controlled release of the ingredients that help to soften the skin. It also acts as an exfoliant and softens and smooths extremely dry, rough and cracked skin. Vitamin D, which is good for the skin, is one of the main ingredients and another important ingredient is salicylic acid. That mean it helps to shed the rough bumpy skin on your feet.


  • Contains salicylic acid.
  • It was developed with the help of dermatologists.
  • It works on other parts of the body that has dry skin.


  • What is a Multivesicular Emulsion? That term and the other: “elegant formulation” don’t add value to the product.
  • It’s advertised as a foot cream but it’s not necessarily specially manufactured for that purpose. It’s more a multi-purpose cream.

This particular foot cream repairs and softens dry, cracked skin. It is said to relieve itching as well as foot odours and is safe to use by diabetics with foot problems. The main ingredient that helps the repair of dry skin is Aloe Vera, recognised as a powerful herb with curative properties. It can be applied twice daily for the best effects.


  • Can be used for foot odour as well as for dry, itchy and cracked feet.
  • It has a nice smell.
  • It is not greasy.


  • It does not moisturize your feet, it’s just a cream application.

This product states it has a triple action and is great to use on dry feet and cracked heels. It has a fast penetrating action and contains urea and glycerine, both well know ingredients for helping skin regeneration and smooth application. It has a couple of the special products such as an Aloe Vera variation and Jojoba Esters, recognised as helpful herbs for a few different ailments.


  • Not greasy.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Works on other rough skin areas such as your hands.


  • It has not sweet- smelling additive and the odour is akin to that of celery.

This cream is manufactured in Sweden and is hypoallergenic and lanolin free. It’s safe to use by diabetics and it’s made to hydrate and protect rough, dry skin. It’s stated to be ‘paraben free’ which means it does not have preservatives often used in cosmetics. The product is said to be very effective on keeping your feet moisturized and in fact, is suitable for other parts of the body as well.


  • It’s smooth and absorbent.
  • It contains Urea which is known to be beneficial for cracked heels and dead skin.
  • It’s easy to apply, you don’t need special equipment.
  • It contains Eucalyptus oil giving it a natural fragrance.


  • Although rated as hypoallergenic, it may still cause irritation on certain individuals.
  • The product can soften your hands but be careful not to rub your eyes with your fingers once you have applied it.

The product contains Tea Tree extract which naturally heals infections, some of which can be associated with dried feet and cracked heels. Toenail fungus, psoriasis and acne are a few of the skin infections in question. It has antiseptic properties as well as microbial which help prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions of the skin.

The inclusion of beeswax might be one reason that it is classified as long lasting. Beeswax, of course, acts a s a barrier to moisture loss while still allowing the skin to breathe. Another ingredient is glycerine which is recognized as an excellent moisturizer.


  • The properties of Tea Tree extract are well documented and this ingredient to the product is a real positive.
  • Penetrates the skin quickly.
  • Has a nice floral scent.


  • It has a watery texture rather than being a thick cream making application a little more difficult.

Conclusion and Recommendation.

All of the brands mentioned are very popular and have been selling successfully on the foot cream market. They all have a variation of helpful ingredients which all have different beneficial properties for a person’s skin.

Taking all that into consideration, the Miracle Foot Repair Cream stands out as being a little better than the others because it has been nominated as being safe for diabetics, combats foot odour and itching as well as the dry skin and the cracked heels. Primarily, it covers more bases. The curative power of Aloe Vera makes another great selling point.

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