How to Remove Calluses From Feet Naturally

How to Remove Calluses From Feet Naturally

How to Remove Calluses From Feet Naturally? When constant pressure and friction is repeatedly applied on sensitive foot tissues, the body responds by creating strange kind of armor. The outermost layer of the skin forms a thick fortress of tough and dry dead cells to protect the inner tissues. Calluses often develop when ill-fitting shoes keep rubbing the same spot repeatedly or when the pressure inside the shoes causes the toes to rub each other constantly.

Calluses can be painless and protective, but when they press against a bone or a nerve, they can be very painful. Calluses can also be uncomfortable since they are bumpy and less sensitive to touch than the surrounding skin. If calluses are making you experience severe pain or aggravation, there are a few natural home remedies for calluses on feet that you can utilize to alleviate the pain.

Best Home Remedies to Remove Calluses From Feet Naturally

  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Castor Oil. 

An equal mixture of natural oil and apple cider vinegar can help moisturize dry and rough skin thereby softening the calluses.

Add equal volumes of apple cider vinegar and castor oil into a large pot and warm the mixture. Put the mixture into a basin and soak your feet in it for ten minutes.

Use a pumice stone to get rid of the now softened skin and then rinse your feet with water. Perform the procedure for three to four days and within the due time, you will start noting a change.

  • Baking Soda.

Baking soda crystals aid to exfoliate dry and hardened skin.

Fill a tub with warm water and add three tablespoons of baking soda and stir thoroughly. Soak your feet in the mixture for 10 minutes and scrub the softened callus with a pumice stone.

You can also make a three part baking soda and one part water paste and use it to massage the calluses. Wash off the paste and then rub the dead cells gently with a pumice stone. Use either of the technique until the calluses disappear.

  • Onions.

Because onions are acidic in nature and have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, they are very efficient in removing calluses.

Cut a slice of white onion and put it in a glass. Add white vinegar to the glass and leave it in a warm place for four to five hours. Remove the vinegar soaked onion and put it on the callus. Wrap it up with a bandage tape and leave it in place for the whole night. Repeat the procedure until the callus softens.

  • Aspirin.

Aspirin can help alleviate the discomfort brought about by calluses and also soften hardened skin.

Crush 5 or 6 aspirin tablet and mix the powder with equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. Once you form a paste, rub it on the affected area and hold it in place for ten minutes using a bandage. Remove the bandage and rub it gently with a pumice stone.

  • Lemon.

The acidic nature of lemon makes it suitable for getting rid of calluses and also helps to ameliorate any discomfort.

Cut a piece of lemon with its peel still on and place it on the callus. Hold the lemon in place using a bandage and leave it there for a night. Remove the lemon and replace it with a new piece daily for a few days.

On the same note, you can soak a cotton wool in lemon juice, place it on the callus and secure it using a bandage and leave it there for a night. Replace the cotton with a newly soaked cotton wool in the morning. Continue the treatment until the calluses disappear. 

  • Bread.

Bread can also soften hardened tissues and also can reduce infections. 

Soak your feet in warm water and thoroughly rub the callus using a pumice stone. Take a half piece of bread and soak it in a distilled apple cider vinegar. Place the soaked bread on the affected area and wrap it up with a bandage.

Leave the bread on the callus overnight. Remove the bandage in the morning and apply some lotion. Repeat the treatment until you achieve your desired result.

  • Epsom Salt.

Using Epsom salt to soften your skin is the easiest way to get rid of calluses.

Put warm water in a basin. Toss a handful of Epsom salt and then soak your feet for ten minutes. Use a pumice stone or a callus file to rub off the softened dead cells. Rinse your feet with clean water and continue grinding the affected area daily using the same treatment until the entire callus disappear.


The above home remedies for calluses on feet have been proven to work. Before trying the electrical callus removers and callus removers gels, try the above home remedies. 

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