Profoot Blaster Gel Callus Remover Review

Profoot Blaster Gel Callus Remover review

Do you suffer from calluses? Or have you tried multiple techniques to eliminate it but with no success? Well, do not trouble yourself anymore with the rough conventional techniques that can sometimes be too painful to bear. Just spend some few pennies and get yourself the ultimate callus remover: Profoot Blaster Gel Callus Remover.

This is no ordinary gel as it is gentle and works deeper. The gel literally melts the callus off the sole of your feet leaving them feeling soft and smooth to touch. But what features make this gel stand out as the perfect solution for those suffering from calluses? Well, let's take a look at some of them.

This gel eliminates callus in a 3-stage process. It penetrates, exfoliates and removes. It is infused with nano-spheres that penetrate deep to loosen the dead skin. An irritation free exfoliation is achieved by the incorporated acid formula. Gentle removal of the dead skin cell is made possible by its dermabrasion beads.

Profoot Blaster Gel Callus Remover Features.

  • Easy to apply and absorbs quickly.

Other conventional gel might give you a hard time during application. However, Profoot Blaster Gel Callus Remover provides hassle-free application. It features an ideal consistency that enables it to be readily absorbed into the skin. As the directions stipulate, you are required to apply it twice per week for a duration of not longer than 3 minutes.

  • Fast and permanent results.

You may be knowing a number of other techniques that work fast when it comes to callus removal. But do they provide permanent results? Well, what gives this gel an edge over other competition is that it provides quick and long-lasting results. The gel only takes a matter of minutes to rid of the callus from your feet.

  • Less application for long-lasting use.

The gel comes in a 4.2 ounce tube. However, it has the ability to last for long since a little amount goes a long way during application. Actually most people often achieve the desired results even before the gel runs out. This makes it a more economical choice as you just have to make a one-time purchase and you are done.

  • Gentle with no side effects.

You may have experienced some irritation and pains with other callus removal methods. However, that is something of the past when it comes to this advanced callus removal gel. Unlike other traditional techniques, it does not require any cutting or painful scrubbing. You just have to apply it on your feet and let it work wonders. It is gentle enough so you won’t even feel anything during the application process.

Pros And Cons.

  • Pros.
  • Quick and long-lasting results.
  • Effective with no side effects.
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • Easy to apply and absorbs quickly.
  • Customer reviews and scores.

Profoot Blaster Gel Callus Remover has been reviewed and rated by customers on a number of sites. At Amazon, the product has been reviewed by 96 customers. From all the reviews, the gel has an average score of 3.6 stars out of 5.

This is quite impressive, especially when compared against the score of other rival models. Customers are quite pleased with its effectiveness and say that it comes at a more affordable price that makes it a great bargain for callus removal.

  • Cons.

The product comes with one minor drawback. It results into a burning sensation when left longer than the required time or when applied on cracked feet. However, if you abide by the instructions, such inconveniences won’t be experienced.

FAQ ( Frequent Asked Questions)

Now it's time to look at what other customers are asking about the product and the answers given by the experts in the field.

  • How many uses can this product provide?

Considering its large 4.2 ounce tube, this product can last for up to 50 uses.

  • Is it advisable to use it on injured or cracked feet?

It is not as it results into severe burning sensation.


And you won’t have to let it on for hours like other products. It does it in a remarkable 3 minutes, making it one of the fastest ways of eliminating callus. Its price tag doesn’t disappoint either as it is within the range of the average consumer. With it, you get to spend less but achieve more.

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