What are The Best Toe Corn Removals

What are The Best Toe Corn Removal

Unless you have had a corn on your toe or foot yourself, you can't really sympathize with someone who has.

Never had a corn? Congratulations!

But try to imagine this. You are walking in the dark and step on a piece of Lego your children have left lying around. Ouch! The pain you feel is the same as the pain a person with a corn feels every time they take a step. That's why corn removal is important if you have them. The mind of a person with a corn is consumed with finding a treatment, getting relief.

Corns occur on the toes and soles of the feet and are hardened skin layers caused by excessive friction and pressure. The corns are characterized by very hard surface having a tough nodule like formation at the centre. The corns generally occur at the sides and the top part of the toes of the feet. There are various reasons behind the development of corns.

High heeled shoes, bony feet, uneven distribution of the body weight, wearing of shoes without stockings or socks may also lead to the development of corn

Treatments You Can Find Easily.

Toe treatments You Can Find Easily1

If you go online, you are going to find many self-help treatments offered by gurus. Many of the things they recommend you already have in your home.

For example:

  • Place a slice of lemon over the corn overnight, and in the morning you can virtually wash the corn away.
  • Another suggestion is to make a paste from chalk and water and apply it to the corn. That will soften it enough to be removed within a day.
  • Or how about putting some ivy leaves into a bowl of vinegar, then replace the leaves with bread. Place the bread on your corn and leave for a day. Can you imagine walking around with a piece of bread wrapped around your foot?

Natural methods work sometimes. But it can be a bit of trial and error before you find the one that fixes your problem.

Professional Help

Professional Help

When all else fails, go to the doctor and get a prescription. The doctor may opt to freeze the corn off, depending on how bad it is.

The doctor's prescription won't differ a lot from what you can buy over the counter. Just remember though, that if you have super sensitive skin on your feet, then intensive medication should be avoided. The acidic solution can get on healthy skin and burn, causing irritation, pain and worse of all, killing healthy skin cells.

Over the Counter

The best option, in that case, is to buy over the counter treatments. These are available at your local pharmacy or supermarket and are reasonably effective. Another suggestion is that to help you avoid corns, keep your feet clean and comfortable. Soaking your feet in water and using a pumice stone to remove the dead, hard skin, helps the process as well.

Removal and Treatment of Toe Corns.

the corn soft or hard? Hard corns can be caused by occasional foot deformities, and soft corns are the result of the 4th and 5th toe bones. Here are a few measures you can use to remove or perhaps avoid getting corns:

  • Shoes. It is pressure and friction that causes corns. So, step one is to reduce or remove the cause of that pressure. In most cases, corns develop because of badly fitting shoes. Quality shoes is the secret. Always buy shoes that fit well and feel comfortable. Buying shoes that look good and kill your feet is kind of crazy!
  • Pumice. Soak your feet in warm water daily and then rub the corns with a pumice stone. The pumice stone smoothes the hardened skin area, getting rid of the dead skin. The pressure you apply will depend on the thickness of the corn.
  • Corn ProtectionYou can buy those small pads that stick directly over your corn. These pads come between the shoe and the corn, and give the corn time to heal.
  • Acid Wash. This is a topical treatment you can buy over the counter. Most of these are quite safe to use, just be careful.

Some Natural Corn Treatments.

  • Castor Oil - this can help to an extent. Before going to bed apply some castor oil onto the corn, and bandage with tape. To avoid stains wear socks to bed. Be careful not to apply castor oil if the skin is broken.
Epsom Salts
  • Epsom Salts - immerse your corn into a mixture of Epsom Salts and warm water. This will soften the dead, hard skin
Callendula Cream
  • Callendula Cream - Softening the skin is a primary way to lessen the pain. Creams and lotions can help achieve that.

Let’s face it, we, as humans, tend to treat our feet badly then wonder why they develop calluses and corns. You are on your feet a lot during the day, and in particular if you have a job that requires a lot of walking or standing. Think nurses or supermarket staff.

Take care of your feet so that they can perform at their best and help you through each day.

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